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ZMesh is a durable bright bronze woven metal fabric screen the comes in 9" or 12" widths. It fits applications for interior floor and space heating as well as exterior ice dam prevention and roof and decking. This unique heating element goes under something and does not require a mortar bed or heatsink embedment. It can also be nailed and stapled through into non conductive materials. The heat density is dependent on the spacing between ajacentruns and the length of element delivering from 5 to 12 watts per lineal foot.

  • 100 % efficient

  • No maintenance required

  • Promotes indoor air quality

  • Can be nailed or stapled through

  • Thermostatically controlled

  • ETL Listed to UL Standards

  • ETL Cerified to CSA Standards

  • 25 year Warranty

  • Made in the USA

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Interior radiant heat applications include floor and space heating for almost all floor coverings.

  • Hardwood

  • Tile and Stone

  • Carpet

  • Engineered

  • Floating Floor Systems

  • Linoleum/Vinyl

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ZMesh is installed underneath your roofing material, leaving your home with no distactions from it's original beauty.

ZMesh can be used for applications that include roof and deck deicicng, ice dam prevention under various non-conductive shingles and membranes:

  • Asphalt Shingles 

  • Cedar Shake

  • Membrane

  • Slate

  • Other Non-conductive Materials

ZMesh and Tuff cable are the only products listed to melt snow and ice for installation under roofing materials(UL1588). These systems are the only system listed on the market that follow Article 426 of the NEC for under roof or enclosed panel applications.

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