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Custom Panel Builds

Custom Radiant Heating Panels

Kalb-Heatizon is one of the few radiant heating manufacturers that can customize control panels for various applications. As an UL 508A panel shop, we can engineer custom radiant heating panels to project specifications. With over 20 years of experience in the electric radiant heating industry, we have the knowledge to design panels that exceed expectations for performance and timeliness.

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Multi-circuit panels


Panels offering multiple breakers inside a single panel for convenience and fitted to a required enclosure.

Activation Integration


Control multiple circuits in one panel with activators that are zoned out for flexibility or a single activator controlling many circuits for uniformity and precision.

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Monitoring, Activation and Other Features


Our panels can be fitted to relay signals to BMS/BAS systems, monitor currents and faults, respond to various activators, all designed to best suit the project and application.

Standard Panels

We offer a complete line of off-the-shelf panels that have GFEP protection, indicators, available for all voltages, in varying size breakers, ready to ship today!

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We have developed a fast and efficient on-demand supply chain which means your custom panel will arrive up to 10 times faster than with anyone else!

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