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SnowMeltz mats are the fastest and easiest way to heat exterior surfaces for snow & ice removal. The mats come in a variety of coverage areas ranging from 10 to 130 square feet. Mats can be combined to heat larger areas and make more complex zones for snow removal. Wattage ranges from 37 to 50 watts per square foot depending on voltage, which is either 208, 240 or 277. This system can be laid out to provide heat to sidewalks/walkways, driveways, patios and other exterior services. Surfaces must be either asphalt, concrete or pavers with a sand bed.

Using the easy-to-layout cut and turn system found in Heatwave floor warming mats, laying out SnowMeltz is quick and easy. By cutting the webbing of the mats, you can make any angle of turns. The webbing can be removed leaving a free-flowing cable to navigate around more complex obstacles. Heatizon also has pioneered a unique method to prevent damage to the cable using our jumper system, which spans joints. By marrying these mats with one of our amazing temperature/moisture sensors, using these systems is simply “set it and forget it.” Most smaller mats/systems our sensors can actually switch the mat without an extra panel, the larger systems can use one of our panels with or without ground-fault protection.


☑️ DrivewaysWalkways 

☑️ Stairs

☑️ Building Entrances

☑️ Access Ramps

☑️ Commerical Ramps

☑️ Loading Ramps

☑️ Pedestrian Bridges

☑️ Roads & Bridges


  •   Controlled by thermostat/moisture sensor

  •   100% efficient

  •   Install in Concrete, Asphalt or under Pavers

  •   Suitable for Hot-pour asphalt

  •   Durable and Convenient

  •   Promotes Safety

  •   37 to 50 watts per square foot, depending on  voltage

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