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Tuff Cable is a durable 10 gauge coated copper heating element that is chemical and gasoline resistant. This product is designed to always be embedded into a heat sink. Examples of heat sinks are asphalt, concrete, mortar, pavers, stone, Heatizon System’s Invizimelt Panel. The heat density of the heating element is dependent on the spacing between adjacent runs and length of element. Systems are custom designed to heat loss and ASHRAE standards. Tuff Cable is used for interior floor and space heating, exterior roof and deck deicing, ice dam prevention, and snow melting on concrete, asphalt or under pavers.​


Floor Warming or  Space Heating


Tuff cable is another one of our options for low voltage floor warming or space heating of an area. Tuff Cable is installed in concrete of a basement (or on a concrete or wood subfloor embedded in a cementitious material) directly under carpet, tile, hardwood and laminate floorings. Tuff cable is user friendly and has no moving parts to maintain. 

Heated Floor Surface

  • Carpet

  • Engineered 

  • Hardwood

  • Tile

Snow Melting


Tuff Cable is a 100 % customized snow melting system that delivers only the energy needed to melt the snow in your region, and can be programmed to turn on automatically when snow is falling using advanced temperature and moisture sensing controls. Tuff Cable is easily zoned for small and large areas. 

Many options for Tuff Cable use: Driveways, Sidewalks, Stairs, Access Ramps, Commercial Ramps, Building Entrances, Loading Docks, Car/Truck Washes, Decks and Patios, 


  • Asphalt

  • Concrete

  • Pavers 

  • Stone

  • Retrofit (Installs in existing Asphalt or Concrete)

Roof De-icing


Tuff-Cable can be used in a variety of roofing applications to control snow loads and prevent damage from ice dams and ice accumulation, installed using our Heatsink or Invizimelt Panels underneath metal, non-metal, membrane, drip edges and flashing Tuff-Cable is invisible.

Tuff Cable and ZMesh are the only products listed to melt snow and ice for installation under roofing materials (UL 1588). These systems are the only system system listed on the market that follow Article 426 of the NEC for under roof or enclosed panel applications.

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