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Heatizon Systems Heatwave Radiant Floor Heating Mats and Cables are a convenient and economical way to add heat to smaller areas or chained together for larger areas. Both of these systems are a directly hooked up to one of our GFCI programmable thermostats that is included in each kit. Larger systems can be designed by using our contactor or relay panels that switch more load than a single thermostat. Mats and Cables are available for 120V or 240V and are designed in a number of lengths to fit any particular application making them a perfect off the shelf floor heating solution. Both systems are perfect for DIYers, handymen, or contractors in a variety of environments.

Heatwave Cables systems are customized solutions for non rectangular areas or for heating around difficult obstacles in a room. These free flowing cables can be configured for a customized installation in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas to provide an even heat on the floor with no cold spots. 


Heatwave Mat systems roll out for a fast and easy installation. At only 1/8" thick, Heatwave Mats require only a minimal floor buildup. 

Heatwave Mats and Cables can be used under: Tile, Concrete, Slate and Stone

  • 100 % Efficient

  • 8-15 watts/sqft Cable - 12 watts/sqft for Mats

  • Promotes Indoor Air Quality

  • Extensive Manual for Installation and Regular Use.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



  •   Limited Lifetime Warranty (Please download a copy of the warranty for full details and information.)

  •   8-15 watts/sqft Cable – 12 watts/sqft for Mats

  •   100% efficient

  •   Thermostatically Controlled

  •   Adds Comfort and Luxury to Cold Surfaces

  •   Promotes Indoor Air Quality

  •  Mats Feature Cut and Turn Technology

  •   Industrial Fiberglass Weave System used for Mats

  •   Quick and Easy Installation

  •   Cables are perfect for Odd Shaped Spaces

  •   Extensive Manual for Installation and Regular Use Included

  •   Support for which Heatizon Systems is Known

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