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Heat Tracing Systems

Kalb Corporation can custom design a Pipe Freeze Protection for you. In Pipe and Out-Pipe products can be used to prevent heat loss, control temperatures, and protect against freezing pipes and tanks.  

In-Pipe Heat Trace System goes inside the pipe or hose rather than on the outside. In-Pipe delivers up to 24 watts per linear foot of heated hose or pipe to keep liquids flowing, maintaining temperatures, and avoid freezing. The heat is delivered to the liquid rather than the outer service, offering a permanent, yet invisible solution to costly pipe damage while making it efficient and economical. 

In-Pipe Features: Low voltage, 5 to 24 watts per foot, Computer monitored diagnostics, Economical to operate, 25 year warranty.


Applications: Water and other non corrosive and no flammable liquids

Out-Pipe Heat Trace System is a Mineral insulated Constant wattage cable or Self Regulating variable wattage cable which can be installed or "wrapped" around pipes, tubing, instrumentation and valves. Heat output is determined by the spacing of the cable.


Out-Pipe Features: 3 to 24 watts per foot, Adjusts to temperature or stays constant, Freeze protection and temperature maintenance, Cut to length or fixed length options, Easy to install, 10 year warranty.

Applications: Pipes, valves, instrumentation and drain line

For more information on our heat trace and freeze protection products, please contact us at 309-483-3600.

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