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Carpet and Floating Floor Heating

ZMesh is a bronze screen material and is the perfect and safest product to be installed under carpet floors in the entire industry and is low voltage. ZMesh heating element is less than 1/16″ thick, provides an even and gentle heat source and has a successful track record of over 30 years under carpet. Unlike cable systems, ZMesh does not need to be embedded in concrete or a cementitous base. ZMesh lays flat on a concrete or wood subfloor and can even be nailed and stapled through. Carpet pads are simply installed over ZMesh and the carpet layed on top. Some opt to install a thin plywood over ZMesh before the carpet to protect it for additional carpet installations when the carpet wears out down the road, but it isn’t required.

We also offer different systems that might be more effective for your floor heating needs. We will gladly assist you in finding the right heating system for your project.

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There is no other heating element like it on the market. ZMesh is a bronze screen heating element that can be nailed and stapled through. At 1/16 inch thick and comes in 9 or 12 inch width. Zmesh. Low Voltage and a 25 year element warranty.

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Is a 10 guage copper coated cable that is high strength and flexible. Tuff Cable can be embedded in a cementitous material for underfloor heating. and is safe for showers. Tuff Cable is easy to repair and is customizable and cut to length in the field. Low voltage and a 25 year element warranty.

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Is a complete kit designed for 110 sq.ft or less.  Floorizwarm uses Tuff Cable and can be easily installed into an environment where a mortar base is used and is also safe for showers. Low voltage and a 25 year element warranty.

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Is a high strength industrial grade mineral insulated or self regulating cable that utlizes line voltage. This cable can be used for warming a small area to, heating entires homes or buildings. 10 year element warranty.

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Easy and convenient to install. Cut and turn technology. Heatwave Mats consist of a heating cable woven through a fiiberglass mesh fabric. Heatwave Mats are a quick and easy roll out product for any professional or DIY project. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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